Our Results are Impeccable.

Competitive Results of 12.13.0

Highlight: Utopia Bingo NYE​

Our high caliber professionals Nemonas20 and Seikosha won the Utopia Bingo tournament with the highest overall score while being live on the BattleState Games Twitch channel in front of over 20 thousand people!​

Las Venganzas Solo/Duo Pro Battles | Reserve

The Rage Quit Series Vol:1 (Round 1 & 2)

Resurgam Trials

Crossfire Part 2: Interception

Crossfire Part 2: Interception

The Reckoning sniper series SA

The Reckoning sniper series SA

The Reckoning sniper series NA

The Reckoning sniper series EU

Frankjayy & Streamers Doing good Customs Carnage

Legion Operation Rouble Rush

The Hunt Amped NA

The Last Hoorah Vol.1

The Duel II EU

Masterz of Controllerz 22/1

CBT x Grilla Twisted Bingo 22/1

Progeny Labs Rush

CBT x Grilla Boss Hunt Duos

CBT x Grilla 8/1

The Hunt OCE Showdown NYE

Competitive Results of 12.12.2

Highlight: The Outcasts, Blood in the Water

Nightwatch: Hardship

DEF: Reserve Trios

Utopia x Tarkov Knights Bingo 7

Bush League VI

TOC S1E2: "Intellegence Overview"

Outsiders Battles Solo

Rush Reserve: Total Blackout

TOC S1E2 "The Faction"

Legion League: Operation Purgatory

The Outcasts Season 1

Competitive Results of 12.12.0

Highlight: Utopia x Tarkov Knights

Bushwookee League 5

DEF 12.12 Customs Trio

The Outcasts #3 Interchange Secret Shopper