Meet The Professionals

The legendary Big Boss, Doc, the visionary behind Sicario eSports. Don't be deceived by his executive title, for he stands shoulder to shoulder with his pro team, striking fear into the hearts of chads across every map. With unwavering zeal and indomitable spirit, he effortlessly annihilates even the mightiest opponents. As an esteemed BSG Sherpa, Doc guides and mentors new players, ensuring they navigate the treacherous lands of Escape from Tarkov with confidence and finesse!
A key analytical mastermind, Nemonas always outsmarts his opponents, cutting them down and securing his victories. A very reputable player and entertainer, he is an active participant in Tarkov tournaments and now under our banner coaches us on how to be faster, smarter, stronger and overall, just better than the rest.
A professional Ukrainian player, he gained a reputation in the Escape From Tarkov community as one of the most skilled and knowledgeable players in the game. With lots of experience and countless hours of practice, he has honed his tactical and strategic gameplay to a level that few can match. He is also highly respected for his ability to adapt to any situation and come out on top. On top of streaming and competing, he also strives to be a Sherpa and assist players, and guide them through the treacherous world of Tarkov.
As a former professional PUBG player, Boncaii has already tasted the thrill of fighting till he is the last man standing. He now reigns over Tarkov as he enters battlegrounds, and in most cases, emerges victorious.
Introducing the one and only Austrian powerhouse, the Tarkov veteran with over 3500 hours in the game - and still counting! You can find them slaying it out in tournaments alongside the best of the best, always landing in the top spots. But don't let the impressive stats fool you - this gamer is always as poor as a church mouse in-game, and can't seem to catch a break when it comes to raid survival. So if you need a solid Tarkov teammate who will kill you even tho you said multiple times it's you, then look no further than our Austrian gaming superstar!
A master of Tarkov, showcases unparalleled skill, effortlessly conquering every challenge that comes his way. With a remarkable aptitude for teamwork and a friendly demeanor, ChillDizl fosters a welcoming community environment, always ready to lend a helping hand. When the stakes are high, this highly skilled player remains composed, executing each task with utmost professionalism, leaving no room for failure.
A relentless force in the world of Tarkov eSports. My gaming journey is a testament to the power of the "W-Key" strategy – the art of pushing forward, embracing chaos, and securing victory in the most challenging of circumstances. From the moment I entered Tarkov, I was drawn to the thrill of high-stakes raids and heart-pounding action. It didn't take long for my unyielding spirit and aggressive playstyle to earn me the title of a "W-Keyer." Every raid became an opportunity to shine, to lead my squad into the unknown, and to outmaneuver the opposition.
Canadian content creator primarily on Twitch and TikTok that originally started off as a variety streamer but as he got into Tarkov, he became addicted and quite the enthusiast! Playing since the beginning of 2021, He loves PVP, Reshala Hunting and teaching/educating within Tarkov! He is currently working towards becoming a Sherpa to assist more within the community! He looks forward to being apart of Sicario eSports Pro team and hopes to bring back many wins in the competitive scene.
Australian Tarkov Twitch streamer and Shift W enjoyer. A big believer that it's the player that makes the loadout work and enjoys playing off meta. Interchange main and has achieved tracksuit multiple times and beaten Killa with every melee weapon in the game. For MarmO, Tarkov is about more than gaming and he likes to work with the community in putting together fun events both online and in real life. Deputy Director of Operations for OCE and always on the lookout for up and coming talent across Australia and New Zealand.
Leader of the infamous tracksuit trio and eSports competitor, Arden analyses every engagement to ensure survival just to forget it and Shift W straight toward the sound of gunfire so he can get that surviving players dogtag. He is swift, he is dangerous, and he is relentless.