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"Know Thyself"

Sicario eSports™️ Dominating the global gaming arena through fierce tournament victories and electrifying PvP fight nights. Join us as we redefine the boundaries of competitive gaming. ‘Temet Nosce’
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The Cream of The Crop

Latin Sicarius: assassin, murderer.
A hired gunman or assassin used primarily in Latin America,
Known for their ruthlessness, cunning, and sheer will throughout Central and South America, Sicarios are experts in striking fear into the hearts of their enemies and competitors. The psychological nature of the manner(s) in which they operate grants a certain level of mysteriousness to these skilled combatants. The Sicario has become not just a force to be reckoned with, but somewhat of a supernatural presence in the background, the whisper of danger and the kiss of death that lingers in the back of the mind of all persons.

We hold multiple winnings with our impressive roster of professional Escape From Tarkov players. Featuring a very diverse multi-region team, we aim to compete in tournaments across the globe with the cream of the crop.

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