Welcome to Sicario eSports

"Know Thyself"

Sicario eSports is a competitive group that aims to prevail in Escape from Tarkov with a roster of professional teams to compete in various competitions and events. For events hosted by Sicario eSports, stop by our socials below!

The Cream of The Crop

Latin Sicarius: assassin, murderer. A hired gunman or assassin used primarily in Latin America to describe those associated with cartels. Known for their ruthlessness, cunning, and sheer will throughout Central and South America, Sicarios are experts in striking fear into the hearts of their enemies and competitors. The psychological nature of the manner(s) in which they operate grants a certain level of mysteriousness to these skilled combatants. The Sicario has become not just a force to be reckoned with, but somewhat of a supernatural presence in the background, the whisper of danger and the kiss of death that lingers in the back of the mind of all persons.

We hold multiple winnings with our impressive roster of professional Escape From Tarkov players. Featuring a very diverse multi-region team, we aim to compete in tournaments across the globe with the cream of the crop.

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ExitLag guarantees a stable connection through a real-time optimization system that counts on a worldwide server network spread throughout all continents.


Ethos Threads

The official apparel and merchandise provider for our team, bringing their commitment to quality to help us elevate our brand and connect with our fans on a deeper level!



The #1 No-sweat Solution! Long lasting extra grip sweat protection in four amazing scents. Don’t just compete #Klutch1

EFT passionate, team member and Italian caster for Sicario eSports ™


EFT passionate, team member and Italian caster for Sicario eSports ™



Bushwookee is the founder and organizer of the Bush League Tournaments, which our Team participates in!


Escape From Tarkov Italia

The Official Community Discord for the Italian Tarkov Community!



We partnered with this talented music producer to provide us with high quality soundtracks to use in our future projects!


Escape From Tarkov CZ/SK

The Official Community Discord for the Czech and Slovakian Tarkov Community!


Tarkov Medical Board

A podcast covering gaming (mainly EFT) and content creation. Providing a unique take on topics from the perspective of creators who call Oceania home.



Filodreamz's service provides detailed information on the different types of ammunition available in the game, allowing players to make informed decisions about which ammunition to use.